Nowicki's Chickies

 Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap  in the Augusta, GA / Aiken, SC / CSRA
  Since 2007

Nowicki's Chickies Goat Milk Soap
Handmade and Natural Soaps in Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA
Our goat milk soap is made by hand from raw unpasteurized goat milk using only the best food-grade oils and phthalate-free, high-quality essential oils or fragrance oils. We cure all of our soaps for a minimum of six weeks so that the moisture content of each bar is as low as possible. We strive to produce soaps of the highest quality to ensure our customers return again and again.  Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with our products.
Our soaps are now wrapped with a pre-seeded paper. Just remove the wrapper, cover lightly with soil, water, and watch beautiful wildflowers grow.
Try a natural handmade goat soap and feel the difference.
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